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Yacht Management

Protectorship Yacht Management is a small yacht management company based out of Florida, serving yacht owners all around the east coast. We specialize in managing and maintaining luxury private motor yachts. We have a crew of highly trained professionals

With decades of experience ready to build a customized plan to suit your needs and wants. As professionals in the industry, we always go above and beyond to make sure our clients have a fun, safe, and memorable experience on the water.

Routine Maintenance

Proper boat maintenance extends the life of the boat, reduces the need for expensive repairs, and help to ensure the safety of all those aboard.

System Checks

We take special care when checking the engines, temperatures, fluids, strainers, motors, and more…

Equipment Upkeep

Skip driving across town to the boat, only to find that the A.C. is out, the batteries are dead, and the fridge is warm.

Professional Polishing

There’s nothing quite like a fresh detailing and polish for a yacht to look brand new again. We scrub away oxidation, scuff marks, discoloration, and remove rust strains.

Underwater Cleaning

As an owner, hiring our professional divers means that your yacht can be cleaned while docked, so you needn’t haul it out of the water for a thorough clean & check-up.

Authorized Service Center

We partner with the finest full-service boatyards where experienced marine personnel are highly qualified at yacht management.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a Yacht Manager Do?

A Yacht Manager is basically a very specialized kind of Project Manager. The main role of the Yacht Manager is keeping it all together, by making sure all aspects of running your boat are as smooth as possible.

How much does yacht management cost?

We recognize that each yacht and each yacht owners’ objectives are unique. We will take the time to establish what each client wishes to achieve out of yacht ownership and then develop a budget to suit.

Is there an annual contract?

No. We understand that you may not need full time management service. We also offer our services on an as-needed basis.

Protectorship Yacht Management was extremely helpful in assisting us with the service and up-keep of our Grady White. They have gone above and beyond our expectations. We look forward to planning our next trip to the Bahamas this year.

James Tassone