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Maintenance & Management

As a luxury item, yachts require special attention through regular maintenance and reliable management. Routine service is the key to the longevity of your vessel. Protectorship Yacht Management is uniquely positioned to provide a custom, world-class management program to keep your boat in top working condition. Proper boat maintenance extends the life of it, reduces the need for expensive repairs, and help to ensure the safety of all those aboard.

Routine Maintenance

Proper boat maintenance extends the life of the boat, reduces the need for expensive repairs, and help to ensure the safety of all those aboard. With services like exterior washing, interior cleaning, complete systems checks, and gear checks, our maintenance crew creates a hassle-free program to suit your yacht’s needs.

System Check

System checks are essential to keep your yacht running and your passengers safe. Because of this, we take special care when checking the engines, temperatures, fluids, strainers, motors, and more so that your yacht is well equipped for the waters ahead.

Equipment Upkeep

Skip driving across town to the boat, only to find that the A.C. is out, the batteries are dead, and the fridge is warm. A yacht is equipped with a multitude of complex onboard systems, and neglecting such equipment is a recipe for disaster. With a program designed to suit your needs, our team works to keep equipment up to date and ready to use at a moment’s notice.

Professional Polishing

There’s nothing quite like a fresh detailing and polish for a yacht to look brand new again. We scrub away oxidation, scuff marks, discoloration, and remove rust strains. We complete the service with a coat of polish for a high-gloss protective finish. This coat provides protection from sunlight, saltwater, and environmental pollution, turning your boat into a shining example of nautical excellence.

Underwater Cleaning

Florida’s warm waters provide the right conditions for barnacles, plants, and marine life to grow on the hull of the boat. In such an environment, cleaning the underwater surfaces is critical for a healthy yacht. As an owner, hiring our professional divers means that your yacht can be cleaned while docked, so you needn’t haul it out of the water for a thorough clean.

Full-Service Boatyard

Yacht owners, you can depend on Protectorship Yacht Management to oversee reliable maintenance to your beloved vessel. We pair with professional full-service boatyards, for which there is no repair too small or job too large that their team can’t handle. We manage and oversee all work completed to ensure it’s up to our high standards! With state-of-the-art equipment and a team of professionals on standby, we assist in everything from painting to rigging to carpentry and more!

Haul Outs & Bottom Painting

Your yacht’s bottom coat is the first line of defense against some of the sea’s harsh elements. Fortunately, with favorable bottom coatings for your vessel, you can have the piece of mind that your project team has taken care of it. We work with a team that hauls your vessel out of the water to provide the highest quality bottom painting service, using only the finest paint products.

Painting & Fiber Glass Repairs

Any yacht owner will admit that fiberglass damage is less than ideal. The good news is that the repair can be a painless procedure when matched with the right yacht management team! Our team work with reliable full-service boatyards to prep, paint, repair, and finish each project to manufacturer specifications and our own high standards!

Marine Systems & Electronics

Devices and marine equipment are there to make your cruising experience that much easier. We’re able to work with a team that handles all of your navigation systems, communication devices, security, and more. With the correct installation by our partnered professionals, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy fully operational systems.

Authorized Service Center

We partner with the finest full-service boatyards where experienced marine personnel are highly qualified at yacht management. The mechanics and technicians are certified and are dedicated to producing the highest level of care to each yacht and project. We use a local service center that handles everything from boat building to marine systems repairs! When searching for a reliable service center, look no further than Protectorship Yacht Management’s partnered facilities!


Leave the logistics to us so that you can set sail today! We can plan your cruise, set your itinerary, and map out your stops so that you have more time cruising the waters and less time surfing the ‘net. Time is of the essence, and when you take your yacht out, it’s crucial to have a plan in place. Whether you want to look up where to purchase boat-shoes, or cruise the local area, we’re here to help you find what you’re looking for.


No means of delivery? No problem; we can handle it. We don’t just maintain boats; we can relocate them where and when they need to be. Our staff works around your schedule to ensure optimum timing while the captain and crew work to transport your yacht safely. Our captains have years of dedicated experience and will provide you with a report on how smoothly she sailed.

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